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Professional and Leadership Development Committee

Main duties and responsibilities:

  • Create opportunities for Brothers to build upon professional and leadership skills that can be used beyond the classroom and to prepare Brothers for pharmacy careers

  • Host roundtable discussion with professionals in the pharmacy field; hold events with Alumni Committee; and prepare workshops/seminars for Brothers to take part in

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Dani Anastasovites (PY3)

I am proud to serve the chapter as Professional and Leadership Development co-chair. My goal this year is to create new PDC networking opportunities and provide ways for members to grow as students and future pharmacists. In this position I would like to offer our members the opportunity to speak with both residents and fellows, as well as those who have completed internships to help navigate future career pathways. Additionally, I would like to setup shadowing opportunities, host dinners, and other events for our Brothers who have interests in specific pharmacy specialties or career pathways. I am excited to see what our members and chapter collectively accomplish this year!

Ryan Trumbo (PY2)

This semester I am looking forward to holding the Professional and Leadership Development co-chair role because it gives me an opportunity to become more involved in our chapter and see how we can become more involved with ESOP and our local community. Throughout my time in this position I hope to create opportunities for Brothers to gain more experience working with the community in an effort to expand upon the new things that we learn everyday.

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