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Alumni Committee

Main duties and responsibilities:

  • Assist the Worthy Alumni Liaison in connecting with Alumni Brothers throughout the school year

  • Work closely with other Chapter Committee's in connecting Alumni to the Chapter

  • Provide opportunities for PY4 Brothers to stay engaged with the fraternity upon graduation

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Mason Secrest (PY3)

I am really excited to connect with many of our amazing alumni this upcoming year. One thing that I have loved about my time so far in PDC is the abundance of resources and connections that we have. The alumni that I have been able to encounter provide valuable insight on not only their time in PDC, but also about things in their personal and professional lives that have enabled them to become leaders in their field. I am looking forward to furthering connections with past and current Brothers!

Mackenzie Greene (PY2)

I look forward to serving as one of the Alumni Co-chairs for the chapter this year. We are incredibly fortunate to have such an eager and active alumni base who have extensive knowledge, ideas, and experiences to share with members as we grow into our careers as pharmacists and continue to evolve as a chapter. I will work hard to connect Brothers with alumni to forge lasting relationships where we can learn from each other and strengthen the community of Phi Delta Chi.

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